This is the first post of several post where we are going to see how to develop an analytical solution to explorer data from twitter. The solution will be composed of three sub-solutions:

  • A Data Base that will work as a Data Warehouse and will storage the data crawled from twitter.
  • A .Net application that will be able to read data from the Twitter API and store it into a SQL Data Base.
  • An Olap Data Base that will have a Cube from which we’ll be able to explorer the data.
  • And finally and Excel File with different pivot charts and PowerView Charts where we can see how to explore the data from the cube.

Here is the data model that we’ll use and that we should create in SQL Server.


The tables that we have are the next ones :

Crawl: storage information about every time we run the .net application that download the tweets related to a specific search term.

Tweets: storage information about the tweets downloaded for the .net application

Hashtags: storage information about every hashtag in a tweet.

Users: storage information about the user who create the tweets.

In the next post we are going to see how to create the application that will allow us to fill the data base with the tweets that match our search criteria.