This year there was much talk about gamification, for those who don’t know what gamification is about, we can say that the gamification concept consist on bring video games aspects to real life applications like web sites, intranets and other applications where users contributions is a key, those aspect are those one that produce that hook  the users to our applications keeping them motivated and making them more productive, more collaborative and spending more time participating in our applications.

Today gamification is widely used in marketing campains and in almost everything where you can see challenging, recognition and competition.

In the case of SharePoint sites in almost every case the participation of the users is fundamental to our applications success, for that reason we can use the principal of gamifications to achieve that users spend more time in our web site, upload more documents, create more quality content, share ideas, tag articles, and get more involve in business process.

So let’s see how gamification can be applied to our SharePoint applications following the next gamifications principles:

 1. Status/reputation: this is normally get it using a leader board, the fact that the user compare itself with other create a motivation base on social encourage.

For your SharePoint site you can create leader board showing the users that upload more documents, create more articles, etc.


2. Surprising and discovery: this video game concepts play with the idea that the user always want know more about the game its playing and what will coming next.

 Try to surprise your user given them access to new zones in your site when they achieve some goals in a business process.

3. Rewards: they key here is to give something to user that make them feel positive about their achievements, this may be virtual gif or real stuff.

4. Loss Aversion: this in difference with rewards means something that you don’t want to lose at unless you keep playing.

5. Power: this principle is involve with what the user can and cannot do in the application, this may mean access to page no one can see, or even power over other users.

6. Feedback: the importance of this is that the users always need to be informed about the result of their actions, their progression, their performance, status, etc.

How we can see gamification is designed to use psychology principles to influence in user behavior.

Right now there are several companies that offer gamificatios products that you can integrate in SharePoint applications some of them are: